Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Max Payne (DVD)

Max Payne is not as "Payne-ful" to watch as some people say it is. I’ve heard from one source that it’s the “worst movie of the year”. Now, I’m not saying it’s a superb film, but it’s not that bad. The theme is pretty dark and it has some decent action scenes. On the flipside, it took too many twists and turns leaving me confused trying to figure out where it was headed. The idea behind it is pretty cool though. Mark Wahlberg was the right choice to play the disturbed Max Payne. Compared to when I thought he was an annoying-as-hell actor, he’s recently played some good roles. Here he plays a cop seeking to avenge the murders of his wife and baby. He's a maverick cop that has no regard to follow the rules and doesn’t fear much. The movie takes you through the NYC underground crime world as Payne tries to solve the mystery behind the most painful event in his life. For all the negative things that I can use to nitpick the film, I’d rather just highlight the fact that it’s worth watching at least once. Sure, it has its cheesy moments. But overall, I didn’t come out at the end feeling like I wasted my time.

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